Effective Home Decorating Colors

Using paint to revamp your room is one of the quickest and cost effective ways to decorate your home. Deciding on a color though can be difficult, so choose carefully. Give consideration to choice of color by sampling the shade on the walls using test pots.

Daylight can give different tones to a color which may not appear at all what you expected in the artificial light of the evening. Think, which colors appeal to you? Do you want something vibrant for instance in your kitchen to wake you up at breakfast time? Or calming soft neutral tones for your bedroom, to relax and unwind your mood at the end of a tiring day?

Here are some colors and ideas to consider when decorating your home:

Pure Brilliant White

This color can be very harsh and clinical if not teamed with the proper furniture, lighting, flooring etc. Different families of shades of white are widely available to give warmth to any room, but still achieving that sought after contemporary, minimal look.

Neutrals – Create the feeling of space, light and look completely chic.

Blues – Create the feeling of harmony and serenity and can give a calmness to any room. Alone this color can be cold. Teamed with different shades of the same family a warmer look can be created.

Greens – Creates a restful and airy space. Gives the feeling of outdoors, due to the tones of nature.

Lilacs – Creates the feeling of calmness and harmony. This is an ideal color for a bedroom due to it’s relaxing tones. Can be made modern by adding colors such as shocking pink for a more dramatic look.

Reds and Oranges – Creates a vibrant and alert atmosphere. These colors should be avoided in bedrooms due to their awakening tones.

Using a color wheel which is available from most D.I.Y stores is a helpful tool when choosing the color of your paint. Colors that work well together are the colors which are situated beside each on the color wheel, whilst colors that contrast are opposite each other on the wheel.

Contrasting colors though, give a dramatic bold effect when put together in a room. Also remember that when choosing soft furnishings and accessories, that you can use these to contrast or compliment the overall look.

Remember, always to balance the colors and stand back and take a look at your finished room. How you perceive your masterpiece may be biased, so it is always a good idea to get the opinion of a good friend as well.