Home Decorating Do’s And Don’t For 2007

There are many hot new trends that are changing our homes forever. Home decorating that does not leave a footprint on the environment is shaping all of the current trends. Kitchens are being completely redesigned. Furniture is coming down in side.

The fridge has been moved into drawers under the counter. Glass doors in kitchen cupboards are no longer in style, unless the cupboard is not in-use. There is nothing as pass in today’s home as a cluttered cupboard.

Oil paintings are replaced by hand painted silk, Grasscloth panels, screens, and wall art replaced with natural textures, not painted on, but natural items like bamboo, cane, grass, and sand.

Over sized mantels and stone fireplaces are back in. Levittown is finished, forever.

Wrought iron lighting figures are replacing crystal chandeliers. Ceramic table lamps are out, replaced with lamps that blend wrought iron, polished metal, leather, fabrics, leather, and wood. Shapes and sizes vary, but a simple theme flows through each. However, the stenciled patterns, decals, lace, and trim is gone.

Home layout is also changing. The laundry room is now off the master bedroom. This design is meant to eliminate laundry day, and make it easier for people to wash a few things in their spare time. It also moves mom out of the basement, or a sterile back room.
The new laundry room is no longer a utility room. It is designed to match the rest of the home.

Another room added to the new home is the luggage room. This room is similar to a dressing room. The walls are covered with shelving. A large table is set up in the middle of the room. Everything from traveler’s checks, luggage, hygiene items, passports, and travel clothing are all stored in this room.

Packing for a business trip, weekend away, or vacation is convenient, quick, and no longer includes the list of forgotten items.

The bathroom has also seen a dramatic change. The bowl type sink needs to go, asap.

The mock Oriental look that eliminated all trim from the house just never translated into the American home. It just looks cheap and unfinished. Replace the trim, with something simple and ‘finished’ enough to be exposed.

There are a few surprises in current trends. The large oversized bedrooms and huge furniture eliminated the storage problems. Now, home decorating magazines are showing people how to turn that empty closet into a snoring room.

Until now, snoring husbands were banished from the bedroom. Now, the husband, or wife, can closet themselves in, and get a good night sleep, without being driven from their private place.

Flooring is now slate, stone, and carpet. Laminate and bamboo flooring is not only out, it will dramatically reduce the resell value of the home. Another item that will kill the sale of a home is a spiral staircase.

Outside has also seen a change. The gazebo and dining tents are gone. Heated patios have become the mainstay for most new homes. Decks are not out, but they are not as popular as a patio that melts into a well-groomed yard with yard lighting set around the room to open up the space.